Refund Policy

We have a really straightforward policy on refunds.

1). If you or your customer make an error, you pay for the fix. Your website description is incorrect or you have a packing slip issue. You make the call as to what to do and you pay.

2). If we make an error (and we will. Our internal tracked error rate is 0.325% if you sell enough, it will happen). This is typical: The wrong grind: ordered whole and sent drip or wrong label type of things. Our process is extremely custom and humans at every step, so if/when we make an error, you simply tell your customer you are so sorry, re-enter the order and then send us a quick note. We will fix the issue and we pay for new coffee and shipping.

3). If there is an issue that is the post office's fault or another odd issue...package theft, damage in shipping, or item tracks delivered and customer claims not received, you make the call. You can decide to file a claim with the post office when applicable or simply decide to replace the order. In this case, you pay for shipping, we'll pay for coffee.

So, in summary.
Your fault, you pay. Our fault, we pay. "Nobody's" fault, we split it to keep the customer happy.

However you write your policy, never have a customer send coffee back.
t is a waste of shipping as we have to discard any returned product.