Understand the process of creating custom coffee products and labels. 

Through our Custom Coffee Creator, you can have your own designed label on our coffee! Here is how it works.

  1. Create your label - Make sure you follow all of our Custom Label Requirements when creating our label. There are FDA requirements detailed in the Custom Label Requirements article that need to be followed.
  2. Select your production options - Select the bag type, flavor, roast, grind, and size of the product that you want to sell.
  3. One set of options per product - Whichever options you have set in Step 2, are the only options available for that product. You cannot have multiple options for the same product and we cannot fill in details like the "Free Labels".
  4. Get ready to create your product - Click on "Create Product" and you will be prompted to approve your label design.
  5. Professional Product Pics - Next you have the option to purchase professional product photos that we will upload to your store once complete.
  6. Purchase Labels - Finish by selecting the number of labels you would like to purchase. Your new product will be created and set to a stock level of 0 until we receive the printed labels.
  7. Label Design Approval - After you have purchased your labels, Dripshipper staff will review your label to ensure that all the necessary guidelines have been followed. There are strict requirements given by the FDA, and we examine each label design to make sure these are on the labels before having them printed.
  8. Label Printing - Once we have approved your labels, we send the design to a professional product label printing company to have them produced and shipped to our facility. Once we receive the labels from the printer, we will update your product's stock level to reflect how many labels we have in-house.

Label Production Times

Purchased labels take about 7-8 business days to be printed and ready for being applied to the new product you just created. They will stay as "pending" until they are ready for use. Once they are ready for use, we will update your inventory count inside your Shopify store to the current stock level of labels.

Commonly Asked Questions:

One label for all coffees?

We do that for the free labels because it is a uniform design and easy for us to track.

Can I supply my own bags?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this customization. 

Single Cups for custom products?

 The only options available at the moment are 12 oz, 1 lb, and 2 lb.