How you get paid, how you pay for products, etc. 

Dripshipper enables entrepreneurs to offer their own brand of coffee to the worldwide market.

Here is how it works:

  1. You build your packaging for the products you wish to sell.

  2. You add those products to your store.

  3. When a customer buys the product from you, you collect their payment.

  4. Once you have collected the payment (the order becomes marked as "paid") from the customer, our software automatically identifies this order and will collect payment from your card on file to pay for the product and begin the process of fulfilling the order.

  5. It is your job to do NOTHING else. Do not mark the order as fulfilled, do not print shipping labels, just RELAX AND ENJOY as we take care of everything.

  6. When we are finished making the product for the order, we will ship the order, add tracking information to the order, and mark the order as "Fulfilled".

  7. Shopify handles the payment for every sale made by your store.